about Patrick

Patrick Smith has designed virtually all the base platforms we sell, and has been a pioneer in the outdoors industry since before most of our employees were born.  As a backcountry guide, he found the need to  fill the voids in the then rudimentary gear that was available – out of which came innovative backpacks, backcountry sleds and Tipis under the Mountainsmith label. These products were geared for the extremes of adventurers and mountaineers worldwide, under the most grueling of circumstances.  A lifelong hunter, Patrick saw a void here as well. Hunters were using painful, impractical gear that was years behind in technology and design.  Out of need for efficient, comfortable gear, he made his own.  Need we say more?

Winter Camp

Winter Hunting

Before we look at my journey in developing heated shelters for man carry let’s pause for a discussion on hunting in winter.  I’ve practiced the

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Snow Cave

Snow Shelters

Snow caves are neither fast nor easy to build. They are by no means the preferred snow-based shelter solution for daily travel, or even for

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